The Talmud Torah for Yemenit Moreshet learning

Since the closing of the Yemenite Talmud Torah at Jrusalem, 60 years ago, where Mauri Yosef Caravani and Mauri Pitachi learned.  A great disadvantage was felt, a grief felt by every parent, and it was a blow to us.  Feeling as Yemenite Jews of shame, when we asked our Sephardic or Ashkenazic brothers what about the Yemenite Talmud Torah in Jerusalem, “What about the large public  centers of learning and there is not even one Yemenite Talmud center.

תלמוד תורה תימני עתיקThis disturbing echo did not let us rest and although we already struggle to hold the holy Yemenite yeshiva together, the cry to it’s truth can not silence her.  We would run on our feet to do this huge mitzvahestablish the Yemenite Talmud Torah for our dear precious children.
There is no description or estimation of the difficulties encountered on the way, to the right and to the left.  With the encouragement of our rabbis and the knowledge of the holiness of the task and its delay, the evil inclination must be fought and maintain our power to accomplish this sacred task which is the fruit we see today. One more thing encouraged us to continue:  the children themselves.  Eleven years (11) ago the Talmud Torah only had a few children within its walls.  Even then, it was impossible to ignore the special Jewish presence of the pure and eligible children.  And in particular, that goes with our tradition of henna and glory, instead of being abandoned and forgotten by contemporary Yemenite Jews.  Those who are wise see the luxury of their ancestral traditions and did not forget their background, got up and stood up and shook the earth
Over a period of time, there was a burst of joy within the walls of the  Talmud Torah building which was predicted since they are pure children studying their doctrine precisely as we have for many generations not from tool containers.  Their innocent presence and changing faces are primordial.
Especially as time has passed, the more abundant fruit syrups resulted in more abundant cures.  Their reputation pleasant aroma has carried them far with the ascension to Torah with the fear of G-d and knowledge of playing and diligently studying grammar.  Indeed, we can say with a loud voice, after all the trouble and hard labor, we see the blessing of HaShem from our labors when we see these boys since they are “the blessed seed.”
 As their lively curled side-locks adorn their faces, we were busy keeping the spirit of G-d alive with the tunes of Antiquity which were curling gracefully and refined; out of their mouths came words of holiness floating in space and adding an air of holiness to the murky sea air of our generation.
No wonder we see the passers by on David Street in Jerusalem being arrested in their hurried travel unable to continue in their fast pace as they respect the voices of learning and Hail Psalmist David “as recited in the afternoon prayer, but we breed descriptions, it is better to do something more useful to illustrate the truth.
We want to invite you to participate in this mitzvah.  We can talk securely as you visit with us as they grow a bit from Yemen as all the tears from your eyes have been secured.
Dear brother, do your part in the revival of the glorious, ancient  Yemenite heritage.
Please send your donation to help children continue in the way of their ancestors.
Best regards
ילדי תימן בירושלים